http://madensley.com is where you can find the links for the book, available currently as an eBook and sold on Amazon, Apple, Booktopia and Kobo. A fresh story of urban fantasy adventure, so if you are up for a good read and enjoy the excitement of diving into a new book then this book is certainly worth your time. Mel Densley is a dedicated Author who is currently writing the sequel to ‘When Lightning Strikes’ so get in early and enjoy. The website linked above has all the links to where you can purchase the book as well as a blog so you can comment directly to Mel the Author. Hope to see you there.

Fingerlings Liv Purple Finger Interactive Robot Monkey Bar Playhouse Review Unboxing WOWWEE

fingerlings Liv Purple Finger Interactive Robot Monkey Finger Monkey Robot Bar and Playhouse Review and Unboxing WOWWEE Farts Thanks for watching my video I really appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kc8GNOcJ9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YVlihkqorc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irV0bGA-dIo Please subscribe to the channel and also like and share the video make sure to leave a comment too if you have anything to add. Langur monkeys grieve over fake monkey Unboxing & Let’s Play – ZOOMER CHIMP – Robot Monkey – Fun Toy like Cozmo!

Split Test Monkey – Why Split Testing is So Important – Split Test Monkey Review

Split Test Monkey http://bit.ly/2vvhPLx Ever notice that people who do a lot of split testing seem really, REALLY excited about it? They’re like an excited kid in a candy store when you ask them what they’re going to test next. Now if you haven’t done any split testing yet, you might be wondering what all the hubbub is about. Why is everyone so excited? Take a look at these five reasons so many others are addicted to split testing—and why you will be too… Split Testing Boosts Conversions Whether you need a conversion boost on your opt-in page, a webinar registration page, a contest page or your sales page, split testing is the way to do it. And once you start boosting your conversions across the board, then you start enjoying all sorts of wonderful benefits. These benefits include: -Building your mailing list more quickly. -Getting more people to open your emails, read them, and click on the links. -Generating more sales on both your frontend and backend products. -Creating a bigger list of proven customers. -Improving your advertising ROI. -Growing your revenue and your business. -In short, split testing is extremely profitable! -Here’s another reason to get excited about split testing… Split Testing is Easy To Do If you’ve done any reading about testing, then you may have run into discussions aboutthings such as multivariate testing. And these discussions almost always talk about how you have to design your tests and analyze them very carefully. Guess what? Split testing can deliver the same results as multivariate testing, but without all the design and interpretation hassles. And that makes split testing a good option for both beginners and experts. Here’s something else… Subscribe to channel

Viddyoze Template Club – What is Viddyoze Template Club – Viddyoze Template Club Review

Viddyoze Template Club http://bit.ly/2u2uesF The viddyoze template club is the world’s fastest web based 3d animation platform and keeps your account up to date with the latest premium & exclusive club templates. By jumping on the Viddyoze launch offer you’ve already secured lifetime access to the platform, and 30 excellent templates that’ll make your videos pop, grab attention, and convert. You can use your 30 templates as many times as you like, safe in the knowledge you never need to pay for another animation again But it’s a fact of life that businesses, brands and styles evolve… And as you use Viddyoze to grow your business you’ll want and need variety… Which is why we’re offering you this special invitation to become part of a very select group of marketers… …who always have a fresh supply of premier quality animations and templates to choose from to… …produce crazy, sexy, cool vids at a moments notice. Subscribe to channel

60 Minute Reseller Testimonial – A Lot Can Happen in 60 Minutes – 60 Minute Reseller

60 Minute Reseller Testimonial http://bit.ly/2tvTSmc A lot can happen in 60 minutes. #You can listen to an album #You can run a half marathon #You can watch an episode of Breaking Bad #YOU CAN LAUNCH A PRODUCT FROM SCRATCH AND EARN $1,240.36 Yes, in 60 Minute Reseller these guys show you how to take a great reseller product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire site, create a sales funnel, create a complete affiliates page with copy and paste fields for affiliates, create affiliate contests, create a targeted exit page and initiate it from your sales page, add also add multiple list building elements. And they do all that in front of your very eyes in UNDER 60 MINUTES! They don’t just explain what you need to do, they actually physically SHOW you! This is like nothing I’ve seen before and it’s something you simply have to check out. http://bit.ly/2tvTSmc Subscribe to channel

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