American Werewolf in London – Complete Transformation

Perhaps the greatest, groundbreaking, special effects in movie history not using CGI. Taken from American Werewolf in London 1981 (directed by John Landis). Oscar Winning effects work done by Rick Baker and his team.

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  1. Best werewolf transformation in cinema history to date! PERIOD! Rick Baker is a genius!!

    • i doubt it, watch THE HOWLING(original) transformation.

    • LOSERoftheRoundtable December 13, 2017 @ 2:47 am

      It was this scene, that started a fetish. Thank you internet….. you sick fucks.

    • The Howling transformation is great, but this one sas more of a tragedy feel to it.  Eddie Quist ( Werewolf from Howling), seems to be enjoying the transformation, which is kinda dumb.

    • likewise4Gaming period…. no debate

    • Howling is great but the detail on that body is greater here and the facial changes are better and smoother. The EYES……everything is telling in the eyes….. whether it’s real life, art or whatever…eyes tell all and that’s where AWIL is a thousand times better.

  2. must’ve been a really bad book

  3. none if this instant transformation or romantical spin on it. It’s a curse.. these guys did it right

  4. Best Transformation scene ever done on film!! I just saw John Landis(Director) Rick Baker(Effects) & David Naughton(Actor) at a film festival recently and talked to them briefly, was a blast!!!!

    • +myflesh10
      I’m British and i don’t compare what he did to eating meat,
      John Landis lied and broke the law so that he could put a 6 and 7 years old child and an actor in water, at night with explosions and a low flying helicopter just so he could get an action scene, he could have easily used a stuntman and 2 dummies for the children but because he was arrogant he endangered the lives of people, he lied and because he lied 3 people are dead, he was arrogant and because he was arrogant 3 people are dead, he never took responsibility for it,the only thing he ever said was that it affected him badly, where’s the apology? he carried on making movies with a big stupid smile on his face and now people like you admire him.

    • +myflesh10
      Also i enjoy An American werewolf and The Blues Brothers, i never said you should stop enjoying his movies or any other despicable persons movies, and he is a despicable person,
      you said you met him and it was a blast, i found your choice of words unfortunate as he killed 3 people in a blast and so i pointed out to you this fact as i wasn’t sure if you was aware of it.

    • myflesh10 David was great and brought it to this part , actors like him don’t exist anymore, he dealt with sitting in one spot for a half a day and hours for just the transformation scenes, much respect David

    • Fair play. This was, and still is, my favourite horror film from my youth. Cracking special effects without the need of a bloody computer. That’s why baker retired, even make up effects are not really required. Bloody CGI. And enough with the twilight zone comments . Save that for a twilight zone movie clip

  5. Rick Baker! Still the best! 35 years later…..CGI can blow me

    • Michael Colon i want to know did they have cgi special effect in the 1980s

    • Zaknafein Aconite December 14, 2017 @ 9:16 am

      joshua ashley If they did, they were nowhere near as advanced as they are now.

      From what I can gather, the company known as ILM (which stands for “Industrial Light and Magic) sort of invented digital animation, which is all CGI even is. The earliest films they were involved with were the original star wars trilogy, which was around the same time as American Werewolf In London, but as CGI was as trial as it was exclusive back then, not many others even had access to such a method. Besides, as you can see for yourself practical affects really do suffice for a good many things. …However, whilst I am not exactly a passionate fan of CGI, I must admit there are just some things that rubber and glue can never simulate.

      And as fun as it is to see retro lights flashing several different colors around a film set as the protagonists are pursued by some monstrosity of sorts, digital color tints just add a more modern take that would have put people from that era in awe.

    • Zaknafein Aconite
      ILM is George Lucus, they did and invented the effects for Star Wars in 1977.

  6. Lulu the manatee May 27, 2016 @ 3:25 am

    0:09-0:23 me after the new ghostbusters trailer.

  7. When you hit Puberty

  8. Danilo Pochini July 1, 2016 @ 10:17 pm

    0:08-0:09 that escalated quickly

  9. Seriously this is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. It’s done so perfectly. And the special effects still hold up today.

  10. RDSyafriyar2000 // Rama Dani Syafriyar July 20, 2016 @ 6:16 am

    The best thing you need to know is that….

    Practical effects were *super effective* for horror movies such as this until they get replaced with shitty CGI.

    CGI might sometimes work, but it just goes too far.

  11. TheAnarchistVenom August 21, 2016 @ 5:11 am

    Happy Birthday.. An American Werewolf in London turns 35 today….

  12. Coconut Leaf Spine September 11, 2016 @ 11:19 am

    David Naughton was adorable.

  13. the part when his face stretch

  14. Who else felt the pain he was feeling
    It hurt me for sure

    • InterGamer IG yh tell him to shut up a year later…

    • Hamzy what is your problem

    • InterGamer IG You telling someone to shut up on a year old comment, fpr no reason.

    • Hamzy o i didnt know 😂 but my comment was 3 weeks old but i can still see The nofications so it doesnt matter if its been a year ago or not i can still see the nofications from evry one comment i get they will also show up in my home screen so i think alot of People can see their nofications right now so they can still see my comment

    • Reapermaskhybrid March 13, 2018 @ 4:37 am

      ThoughtLessX “You see the wolves and I, Jojo siblings? That’s the power of my Stand: Bad Moon Rising!”
      “I think we’ll just go with Hungry Like the Wolf, if that’s okay with everybody. We already have a Stand with ‘Moon’ in its name.”

  15. now that is scary

  16. Isn’t there a way to break the curse without killing the victim? What cures a werewolf and returns them to being human?

  17. Imagine you’re his neighbor and you hear this

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