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Best Sports Chiropractor Port St Lucie go into details the false beliefs and misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care. Get to know the reasons why chiropractic care can make patients feel better. Want a FREE 1-Hour Massage? Every first-time patient gets a free message when you call to book your chiropractic treatment! Call today 772-879-8700 10050 SW Innovation Way, Ste. 201 Port St Lucie, FL 34987 772-879-8700 Business Hours Monday–Friday 9am–1pm and 3pm–7pm Saturday 9am–12pm Sunday Closed Like Us On Facebook Follow Us Subscribe Premiere Wellness Centers Services and Techniques Our Three Goals For Our Patients: 1. Minimize their symptoms as soon as possible. 2: Correct the problem. 3: Maintain their health and prevent future re-occurrences. Click here for more info Full Interview Social News Interviews Ready To Get Famous? Transcript: ERock: So, Dr. Bill, what you’re saying is, is that modern day chiropractor does work. It’s just not necessarily for the reasons that a lot of people think. So, my next question to you is: So why do Chiropractors make you feel better? Dr.Bill: Well there’s a lot of different reasons, physically and even chemically behind that. So, if you’re feeling a lot of tension building up in your spine, and you’re having pain as a result of that, due to muscle spasms or inflammation in the muscles or in the tissues, or even potentially within nerve roots, the adjustments will free things up for you. So, initially you’ll feel looser as a result of that. But from a chemical standpoint when you initially adjust somebody’s spine, you’ll get a rush of endorphins and enkephalins. And primarily, that’s the body’s natural pain reducers within the body. The other thing that happens as well is that there is a neurological effect on the brain, as we discussed before, and now can actually shut down the areas of the brain which will dump cortisol and another compound called catecholamines, which are inflammatory markers within the body. So, the inflammation will subside, the cortisol will subside, and generally speaking that makes the body systemically less inflammed and less tense. It also can reduce your heart rate, reduces your respiratory rate, and it can give you a calm sense of well-being as well.”

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