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How old am I? 17 years old
How tall am I? 5'6
What camera do I use? Canon 80D with a Rode microphone (Canon G7X for part of this video!)
What editing software do I use? Final Cut Pro X

Readers Comments (59)

  1. *comments and likes before watching*

  2. Best youtuber ever!

  3. when u don’t even need notifications bc you’re on youtube 24/7 🤙🏻❤️

  4. Sophie Siriwardena February 20, 2017 @ 10:51 pm

    Don’t apologise for the denim jacket lol you own it it’s your look girl 💜

  5. but pasta is not unhealthy tho

    • Genevieve Mason July 11, 2017 @ 6:37 am

      Tosca Esmé OH MY GOD! Most pastas are good you, and carbs contain glucose which every single cell in your body runs on. Carbs are very important to a healthy diet. And when it comes to proteins you really should try to eat more plant based proteins. And I’m not trying to sound like one of those annoying vegans telling you non vegans are bad people, I’m just saying that you really will feel great on a vegan diet as long as you eat tons of the right food. I really hope this helps. ❤️ ps: if you struggle with acne, plant based diets really help with that too.

    • There’s whole wheat, lentil, quinoa, brown rice pasta. You don’t have to only eat white pasta

    • Carbs aren’t bad for you, what is bad for you is when you don’t eat healthy fats and proteins and nutrients with the carbs. It is all about moderation 😝

    • As long as she’s eating in calorie deficit and it fits her macros then it’s fine.

  6. i’m so mad at myself for not buying a denim jacket yet

  7. Your eyelashes girlll😍

  8. I bench 250 , get on my levEL
    ily summer 💗

  9. I bench 250;))

  10. I BENCH 250🍕🍕- don’t we all exercise with pizza? Like this comment please❣️BTW: I luv ya so much summer. Honestly ur drugstore makeup video was the first makeup video I saw and it helped me so much😂😂 PLEASE PUT THIS ON UR SNAP- ( I mean if u want😂)

    • kylie klein Hey! Can you please take a quick look at my channel? And don’t forget to subscribe!! ❤️🙏🏼 thank you!!

  11. the eyelashes the eyelashes the eyelashes

  12. I bench 250 ;)) WHERES THE SNAP FAM AT???

  13. Where are your green leggings from omg I love them

  14. if anyone is reading this, the best thing you can do to ” grow your glutes” is GLUTE ISOLATION. This means squatting with weights, power cleans, hip thrust with resistance bands, plank leg lifts with resistance bands and exercises amongst that. Please note that cardio will slim you down overall, and it builds leg muscle and improves the respiratory system. You can’t get crazy gains only running though and doing “aerobic style exercises” you have to do exercises that will be targeted towards your core and glutes if you want good results.

    • Ester Petu is it true that spot reducing can’t be done when working out?

    • Lame_Nobody if you mean getting rid of fat not necessarily. You still have to Incorporate some bits of cardio but if your overall goal is to turn fat into muscle you don’t really need to run a mile twice a week.

  15. Thank god her diet isn’t excessively unrealistic like I’m sick of trying to get good ideas for meals and all of the meals are foods found in organic stores that aren’t available to everyone or they require a lot of money spending

  16. My friends ask me if I lift. I tell them “Yeh, I lift the pizza to my mouth” 💪🍕

  17. makes me sad you closed your snapchat i was enjoying talking to you 🙁

  18. I need to start working out omg😭

  19. LOVIN THAT FORM ON THE BICEP CURLS! YAY FOR YOUR ELBOWS STAYING IN PLACE AND NOT KICKING FORWARD! just a heads up on squats though–the whole “knees stay behind your toes” thing is outdated info. you should really concentrate on keeping your back flat and making sure that your knees aren’t wobbling around/kicking out to the sides:) and heyyyy, pasta isn’t unhealthy! (in moderation, hehe) you need carbs! carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs!!! all in all, thought this was a great video!

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