USA Break Women’s 4 x 100m Relay World Record – London 2012 Olympics

Athletics Women's 4 x 100m Relay Final Full Replay from the Olympic Stadium at the London 2012 Olympic Games. — 10 August 2012

Since 1896, athletics has been on the programme of each edition of the Games of the Olympiad. Its presence on the Games programme has allowed its popularity to increase across the world. This popularity was also strengthened by the creation of the IAAF in 1912. Women's events appeared for the first time at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, while the men's programme was standardised as of the 1932 Games in Los Angeles. Although at the beginning women were authorised to participate in only some events, today their programme is almost identical to that of the men.

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  1. Terrel Bivins July 2, 2014 @ 2:31 am

    Damn I love me some Allyson Felix….. She is so damn Beautiful & Sexy…… Proud of that woman & her accomplishments. Team Allyson Felix!!!!!

  2. Lmao dude slaps her butt 4:41

  3. Justin Cartwright May 30, 2015 @ 8:03 pm

    I’ve watched a lot of track meets at different levels. This is by far the best relay race I have ever seen. The handoffs were textbook, and that’s why the ladies were able to run so fast. As fast as the USA was, Jamaica and Ukraine also got around the track at a fast pace. That makes the USA’s time even more jaw dropping. When Jeter got that last handoff, I mean it was like some rocket launchers came out of her shoes. She absolutely flew down that last 100. It was electrifying to watch it live, and still gives me goosebumps today!

    • +SONICE69
      Are you talking Olympics only? if you’re including the WCs, I’ll give you to 100 and 200 for men, but the womens 200 is fairly even. The 4×100, edge to JAM. The 400 and 4×4, mens AND women are clearly the property of the USA. Yes, JAM women won the 4×4 at the 2015 WCs, but what before then in those events? As for the 2015 WCs, to use your phrasing, NOT ONE OF YOUR RUNNERS even posed the slightest threat to Felix in the 400 final at the WCs.

    • These two teams faced each other at the 2012 Penn Relays 4 months before the London Olympics. Shelly Ann ran the anchor. Our Olympic team (Madison, Felix, Knight, Jeter) handled them roughly. A solid drubbing despite the Shelly Ann final leg. A preview of things to come.

    • Justin Cartwright That’s the truth!!

    • Brian Washington October 26, 2017 @ 8:46 pm

      Heheheh. Just as always Gohr was eating Ashford’s dust that day. I don’t think she ever beat Ashford at a major meet unless Ashford pulled up like she did at the ’83 world championships.

    • Justin Cartwright your exactly right

  4. Jeter pointing at the world record was the moment of the Games…

  5. When Jeter hit top speed it almost looks like she’s levitating above the track. Breathtaking. Highlight of the games.

    • +cja sewell  I totally agree !  Our women’s track team & swim team were both just awesome. Different sports, different bodies, but ALL WOMEN, & ALL BEAUTIFUL.    Wolfsky9

    • +cja sewell When I watch this race on my phone, Jeters legs are moving so fast, she looks like a cartoon.

  6. James Benton Ticer September 11, 2015 @ 11:49 pm

    After seeing this, I WISH I ran like a girl. Damn they’re so fast.

  7. “This is special….. this is a world record!” I love that part

  8. Am I the only one who likes this video over the men’s 4×100? This is phenomenal to watch!

  9. NthgCanGetMeDown! March 30, 2016 @ 2:48 am

    Am a dude, I gotta hit the gym ASAP. These women look…

  10. Jayley Sarbacker April 16, 2016 @ 6:49 pm


  11. Carmelita Jeter is absolutely gorgeous

  12. to watch this it gives me chills and excitement to see for incredible African American black women do this

    • lol you are confusing ethnicity, race, and nationality….. You are so smart that you are ignorant. The fact of the matter is that where you are born has NOTHING to do with your ethnicity or even race…. Educate yourself. Nationality? Yeah, they’re Americans. stop trying to be so smart that you end up sounding stupid.

    • LOL YEAH, OKAY. Actually its the other way around….


  13. Watching it over and over, it’s amazing seeing Jeter’s split is about 9.9 seconds and she slowed down about the last 10 meters, or so.  Also, it looks like Jeter got out a little late while Knight was running up on her a little bit.  The handoffs between Tianna and Allyson, as well as (the best), Allyson and Bianca were absolutely flawless!!!  Crazy!

    • Tanya Banks Miss Banks I don’t know what race you are watching but the Jamaicans were DOMINATED. The Jamaicans were never in the race at any time. How do you figure VCB mate any ground? 6 tenths is a serious, loss of womanhood flogging at this level. The Jamaicans are not in the Americans league. Deal with it. Nobody cares about the World Championships. Americans best does not go there usually. If they do they the win. The Olympics? Well just look at this and 2016 4×100 results. The Jamaicans have yet to better the East German times of the steroid infested 80’s. They just are not good enough.

    • stevie586 actually her split was 9.7

    • Tanya Banks I totally agree. Not enough credit given to Tianna. She HAD NO CHOICE but to run flawlessly vs Shelly,who probably has the best start in the game

    • Tanya Banks it’s another link on here showing a different angle & Knight actually ran a good 3rd leg

  14. I love this. I get chills watching Felix blow everyone away down the back straight. And the passing was perfect. And then Jeter finishing like she is on fire ….wow

  15. CoffeeLiciousLady July 5, 2016 @ 4:10 pm

    Seriously pointing to that WR is classic Jeter, it should be compared to MJ sticking his tongue before a dunk or what’s his name doing the Heisman pose after scoring a touchdown. LOL

    • or now, posing to camera mid race while other runners are dying.

    • CoffeeLiciousLady you

    • Personally, I think it was a bit low class and dis-tastful.
      Alyson Felix, Shelly Fraziar -Price, etc. or any other respectable person would never have done that. No disrespect for Jeters speed and ability, but we all can see the “hood” mindset in her demeanor way before she done that.
      Some people, you have to keep closer tabs on in the public stage. Alyson Felix, you would not have to worry about doing or saying something stupid. Jeter, you definitely would have to monitor and contain more closely.
      I am sure she was counseled about that by her coaching and Public Relations staff.

    • Desmond Howard is his name lol But you greatly summed up this great moment

  16. CoffeeLiciousLady July 8, 2016 @ 11:08 pm

    Let’s give it up for the Commentator for pronouncing those names —- geeez. Some of the names don’t even look the way they are pronounced. Yea Mr. Commentator, you rock !!!   LOL

    • they usually have the names written out phonetically, i.e., Strachan = Strawn. But after a while, these commentators do several meets a year and it’s just second nature to them and they, literally, know the athletes by name.

    • CoffeeLiciousLady they’re British…what do you expect😂!!

    • CoffeeLiciousLady yeah, but he needs to add some bass to his voice…he sounded a lil sweet when Carmelita crossed the finish line…lol

    • I Love Coffee

  17. HeavyIzThaCrown July 26, 2016 @ 8:24 am

    Africans are so truly gifted

  18. My favorite moment of the last Olympics. Pointing at the sign as she finishes.

  19. It was nice to see them wipe the cheating GDR’s time from the record books.

    • Jonathan Bachman Other than the fact that I am from the USA and that I am male, and the fact that I am not ignorant in the slightest degree, your post is largely accurate. A major reason we have faster athletes is because so many on our teams are at least partially of African ancestry. It has nothing to do with training methods as that is a cultural affect which can be readily transferred. I am sure some European teams must have North American coaches just as we have used European coaches to help us improve in gymnastics and ice skating. Of course we have a much larger pool of athletes from which to select than any individual European country.
      I was just feeling like defending the Germans as they certainly did well whether using PHD’s or not. Now European countries are getting smart and using more athletes of African ancestry themselves. I believe the average African has a longer thigh bone relative to their body size which helps them stride out more effectively.
      There are always exceptions. Some Europeans have done very well sprinting like Miss Daphne Schippers. Even a few males have excelled.

    • Maynard Runkle The track at London was much faster? lmao WHAT?

    • Jonathan Bachman March 10, 2018 @ 3:10 am

      Maynard Runkle So. Your a bigot and ignorant. Genetics are important but the “African “ heritage you speak of also includes Caucasian ancestry. That does not count correct? The best of Europe came to the states to escape the controlling inbreed gentry of the ruling class. Last century the continent of Europe conducted 2 wars and made killing an industrial form. The scary part? Brain Damaged individuals like yourself cannot comprehend the self absorbed inferior arrogance of that continent. From ethnic cleansing, anti semantics, concentration camps, Communism and royalty are all European. If you are an American read more, post less. Your ignorance is self evident.

    • 1989NickiD *when I saw the time you said, I knew it was gonna be a bunch of oldies in the comments*

    • EvilMonkey7818 April 6, 2018 @ 2:50 am

      Oh look, a comments section full of poison. Yes, there are slight physiological variations why we see top level sports play out the way they do. From sprints to world’s strongest man to ping pong.

  20. No matter what you think Americans especially black Americans are the most talented athletes in the world. No denying that.

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